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What is Create?

"Create" is a community organization creating opportunities for expression, enjoyment and appreciation of the arts and humanities through individual and community participation. Our vision is to create a dynamic community in which the energy of the arts promotes a quality of life rich in color, texture and depth. "Create" is run by volunteers with an enthusiam and passion for the Arts. Each of these volunteers have dedicated a part of their life to serving children, families and artists in our community. "Create" has classes and events for all ages, but childrens' education is the heart of "Create."


At "Create" we encourage individual and community development in every form of the arts. If your passion is painting, drawing, sewing, dancing, photography, singing, acting, weaving, or any other "art," you will find a place for you at "Create." It doesn't matter if you are an aspiring, novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced, or professional artist, "Create" encourages every level to participate and develop the inner artist found in all of us.



Karen Sweeney


• To recognize that we never stop learning, whoever we are, whatever we do.
• To do the best our current ability allows, at whatever level, without regret or self-pity.
• To recognize that we all begin at the same beginning and that where we go and what we do from there is our own responsibility.
• To applaud the achievements of every fellow artist, regardless of whether he or she is a beginning, intermediate, advanced or professional artist.
• To understand that learning and progress come from doing—painting, drawing,dancing, studying—and that we get from it what we put into it. There’s no shortcut to experience.
• To realize that each one of us shares different gifts, from the same Giver, and that we are companions in the same struggle, the same dream.
• To paint, draw, dance or create from the heart, rather than from the ego; the true artist is the creator within us.


We’ve placed this on our front page so we can be reminded every now and then of some of the important ideas we might forget. We hope this finds a prominent place on your own bulletin board or notebook. In the long run, we think these basic rules make us all better artists.”




The board meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month with the third Wed being open to the public.

The time is 1 PM to 3PM. Please call ahead if you wish to be on the agenda. (509) 447-9277

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900 West 4th Street Newport, Washington 99156


CREATE is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization with a mission to create opportunities for expression, enjoyment and appreciation of the arts and humanities through individual and community participation.

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